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Schools Across Canada Held Their Own Federal Election. Here’s How They Voted.

Student Vote

Photo: Student Vote Canada / Facebook

If students across Canada were able to vote in the federal election, Liberals and NDP would be neck and neck.

Student Vote Canada is an initiative that lets elementary and high school students across Canada participate in their own federal election.

“We are thrilled with the turnout for Student Vote Canada 2019,” said Taylor Gunn, President and CEO of CIVIX Canada. “We are grateful for all the teachers that dedicated time and energy to cultivating the next generation of voters.”

With more than 1.1 million students voting, it turns out the Liberals would still win, also with a minority government of 112 seats. The NDP, rather than Conservatives, would be the official opposition at 98 seats. Conservatives would follow with 93 seats.

Students Vote
Photo: Student Vote Canada

Each province varied drastically, with B.C. voting mainly for NDP. The province had the third largest number of voters, while Ontario had the most.

Jagmeet Singh would have maintained his riding in Burnaby South. Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer also won each of their ridings in the mock vote.


Province Breakdown

  • British Columbia – 24 NDP, 10 Conservative and 8 Green Party candidates.
  • Ontario – 54 Liberal, 36 NDP, 28 Conservative and 5 Green Party candidates.
  • Quebec – 5 Liberal, 22 NDP, 9 Bloc Québecois, 8 Conservative and 4 Green Party candidates.
  • Alberta – 30 Conservative, 3 NDP and 1 Liberal candidates.
  • Saskatchewan – 1 Conservative and 3 NDP candidates.
  • Manitoba – 5 NPD, 5 Conservative and 4 Liberal candidates.
  • Nova Scotia – 5 Liberal, 4 Green Party and 2 NDP candidates.
  • New Brunswick – 5 Green Party, 3 Liberal and 2 Conservative candidates.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 5 Liberal and 2 NDP candidates.
  • Prince Edward Island –  2 Green Party and 2 Liberal candidates.
  • Northwest Territories –  1 Liberal candidate.
  • Yukon – 1 NDP candidate.
  • Nunavut – 1 NDP candidate.

Many of the high school students who participated will be of legal voting age for the next federal election in 2023, so there’s a good possibility that these results could prove to be a sign of things to come.

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