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Richmond Organization Rescues 47+ Cats From One House

Richmond rescues cats

Photo: Anna Douglas / Flickr

A Richmond animal protection organization recently rescued 47 kittens and three pregnant cats from a single house.

Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) rescued the cats, Wednesday, from a hoarding situation.

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The owner was a “well-intentioned individual” who was feeding stray cats, until the situation got out of control.

“It seems a good Samaritan was feeding a colony of cats, and that the colony continued to grow to an unmanageable number,” Eyal Lichtmann, CEO and executive director of RAPS, said to Richmond News.

A family member had reported the incident to RAPS. The cat owner agreed it was “in the best interests of the animals,” to surrender the pets to the organization, said Lichtmann.

RAPS has been running for the last 25 years, where they trap cats and spay or neuter them. As a result, Richmond has no feral cats.


Meanwhile, an animal advocate recently said B.C. may see an influx in feral cats after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. That’s due to organizations, who do similar work to RAPS, taking a break during the pandemic.

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