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Expect To See A lot More Feral Cats After The Pandemic Ends

feral cats

Photo: Rosemary Komori / Flickr

When B.C. eventually sees the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we may see a lot more feral cats roaming around.

BC SPCA said the province already has an issue with pet overpopulation – and particularly with cats.

But Kathy Powelson, executive director of the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation, said she expects to see even more of an increase of feral animals.

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Powelson explained there are programs, called trap-neuter-return, that help curb the population of these cats. But those programs have been put on hold, due to the virus.

“The concern is that we will see a significant increase in the number of feral and free roaming cats because there’s not going to be that spay and neutering,” Powelson told the Georgia Straight.

Feral and stray cats differ from each other, as feral animals have never had a human owner, while stray cats are more like abandoned or lost cats.

Feral cats can’t usually be domesticated and may carry diseases that affect humans.

The BC SPCA explained cats can get pregnant as early as five months old and one un-spayed cat can eventually lead to dozens.

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