B.C. Recovery Rate Improves, But Most Canadians Remain Pessimistic

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Although B.C.’s COVID-19 recovery rate is improving, most Canadians believe the virus will only get worse.

According to a recent study, 67% of Canadians believe the Coronavirus crisis will worsen by next month. While 17% think it will get better and 10% said it will remain the same. Another 6% said they were unsure.

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The study by Nanos Research reported that those in households of five or more or who frequently check the news are more likely to think the crisis will worsen. Nearly 60% of Canadians say they check news about the pandemic several times a day.

Although B.C. currently has nearly 900 cases of COVID-19, health officials said 45% of those affected have already recovered. The province also said cases have been cut in half due to B.C.’s self-isolation efforts.

In regards to how the federal government is handling the pandemic, 66% of Canadians agree the response has been good or very good.

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