Despite Restrictions, People Are Still Travelling From Vancouver to Hawaii

WestJet - vancouver to hawaii

Hawaii seems to be full of Vancouverites and it’s not stopping. 

Despite restrictions and a fear of the variants of COVID-19 looming around, it appears planes full of Canadians are still leaving for the sunny beaches of Hawaii. 

In fact, 114 passengers travelled from Calgary and Vancouver to Hawaii, and arrived on Saturday February 13th via WestJet. 

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Hawaii’s Safe Travels Program allows travellers to roam Hawaii freely, given that they have proven they don’t have COVID-19 before boarding. 

Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and B.C. Premier John Horgan have asked that no one partake in non-essential travel but it appears, that isn’t deterring many. 

Pressures Government Have Applied To Hinder Travel 

Travel Statistics

While it seems concerning that many are still travelling from Vancouver to Hawaii, Statistics Canada showed that numbers are actually going downwards.

The number of Canadians returning via the land border was down 91.4% last month, compared to January 2020. The number of U.S. travellers have dropped by 93.3%.

At airports that track arrivals on kiosks showed that the number of non-residents arriving dropped 94.7% compared to last year.

What’s To Come For Vancouver to Hawaii Travellers 

The mandatory hotel quarantine starts on February 22nd. The hotel is government appointed and people may pay $2,000 or more for their stay while waiting for test results. These hotels are said to be within 10km of the Vancouver airport.

The government is supposed to provide more details about the hotel program this week.


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