Reddit User Predicts What Vancouver Might Look Like In 2025

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A creative Reddit user has predicted what Vancouver might look like in 2025 and it’s both funny and frightening.

User BioMagus posted a photo of the city that included a bright, sunny sky and land close to the water, probably accurate so far, right?

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Well he also added a ton of buildings, high-rises, apartments and condos taking up almost all of the green space in Vancouver.

Things got so crowded that buildings were built to float in midair.

PREDICTION: Vancouver 2025 from r/vancouver

Oddly enough, no humans were seen at this scene. This prediction brings up some talking points about the city such as cost and gentrification. These listings alone show just how bad rend has gotten.

Other Reddit users chimed in on the rendering:





Maybe this prediction isn’t so far-fetched, maybe it is. Either way, it’s something to think about. 

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