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Rare Canadian Goose Encounter Goes Viral (Video)

A Canadian’s goose encounter has gone viral online, and is being dubbed as one of the most Canadian things to happen all year.

Forester Andre Bachman was driving his vehicle along a country road west of Edmonton, when he saw a goose following him overhead. Bachman decided to pullover and get out of his pickup, and the Goose landed nearby. He then decided to have a chat with the Goose, who showed no sign of being uncomfortable or distant with the human.

Assuming the bird may be lost, Bachman decided to lead it to water, and began driving to Shining Bank Lake, which was about 10 kilometres away. According to Bachman, the Goose continued to follow him, and had no problem keeping up, even when he traveled 50km/h. It was when he sped up to 80km/h, the goose fell a little behind.

The two eventually reached the lake, and the Goose immediately went for a swim – and as seen to have an appreciate look for Bachman’s guidance.

Watch the video of the whole experience below:

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