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Radium Hot Springs In BC’s Kootenay National Park Is Absolutely Radiant

Radium Hot Springs British Columbia

Photo: @sofialarocque / Instagram

Allow us to introduce you to Radium Hot Springs.

A place where you can lounge by the pool year round while nested in BC’s beautiful nature.

Hot springs, a natural spring of geothermally-heated water, offer a temporary escape from the cold doldrums, and Radium Hot Springs is one of the more notable ones in British Columbia.

Kootenay National Park
Photo: @al.harr / Instagram

Located within Kootenay National Park in the Columbia Valley, Radium Hot Springs has been around since approximately 1840. During that era, Indigenous people would often use the spring as source of rejuvenation.

A concrete bathing pool, log bathhouse, small store, and home, were built in 1914, before it became a part of Kootenay National Park in 1922.

Nowadays, the mineral waters at the spring are kept between 37ºC (98ºF) and 40ºC (104ºF), and contains:

  • Sulphate – 302 mg/l
  • Calcium – 135 mg/l
  • Bicarbonate – 100.8 mg/l
  • Silica – 31.8 mg/l
  • Magnesium – 31.6 mg/l
Radium Hot Springs
Photo: @al.harr / Instagram

Radium Hot Springs is equipped with a large hot pool and, in addition, a 25-meter swimming pool, as well as day spa services. There’s something for everybody in the gang.

From the spring, you’ll be able to see the Sinclair Canyon towering over the area, and possibly even some bighorn sheep who are known to live in the surrounding area.

It’s as great of a place as any to help you get through the cold weather.

Radium Hot Springs

Location: 5420 Highway 93

Admission: $4.95 (3-17) / $7.30 (18-64) / $6.40 (65+)

Hours: Varies. (Check official website for full schedule)

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