Seven Of The Hottest Vegan Spots In Vancouver

Seven Of The Hottest Vegan Spots In Vancouver

In the modern age, being plant-based is becoming more and more important. Not only is it beneficial for your health, but simultaneously helps the environment.

It can be aggravating to try and become healthier when you don’t know where to start or where to look, but never fear. That’s why we compiled a list of the best vegan, planet friendly joints in town. Happy eating!

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Indigo Age Cafe

Photo: Monique S/Yelp

This standout cafe serves vegan and gluten-free high tea, as well as an exclusive Ukranian menu. Every item is locally sourced, and follows the farm-to-table rule.

Even if you’re not vegan, Indigo Age Cafe holds introductory classes on a regular basis. Drop by for an organic dessert class, a vegan cuisine and dessert, or their latest, fermentation and cheese making. With a rustic, boho atmosphere, crisp flavours, and a location close to Gastown, it’s calling your name.

Meet on Main

Photo: Its To Die For

Classified as ‘vegetarian friendly comfort food’, Meet on Main has the perfect blend of flavours and ambience to keep you coming back. They have two locations, one on Main and a newly opened location in Gastown.

Amidst their reliant flavors are menu items such as kimchi poutine, marinated portobello burger, and cronuts. Side with a signature MoM cocktail (we recommend the Young Fashioned), and you’ll leave with a dose of utter satisfaction.

Virtuous Pie

Photo: Vegan Travel

Voted Restaurant Of The Year by Veg News Magazine, Virtuous Pie continues to focus on high quality, plant-based food based options for the community. Most of what they serve is made in-house, and support locally sourced ingredients and craft beer.

An array of handcrafted pizzas, salads, and ice cream, drop by today in Chinatown for an explosion of your taste buds. They have an industrial, modern feel with communal tables with an eclectic menu and exceptional service.

The Acorn Restaurant

Photo: The Acorn Restaurant

Having won a multitude of awards, The Acorn lives up to its name by boasting its flavourful dishes and rave reviews.

This joint is a hipsters paradise. One word menu items, incredible presentation, and subtle, wooden decor, it comes together to form the ultimate artistry. They even cater to meat eaters, making it a great place for a date night. Located on Main street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, be sure to stop by and try the Halloumi.


Photo: Hey Kokomo

Inspired by the sun, Kokomo aims to bring the kind of feel-good warmth that radiates from the sun onto your plates.

Every menu item is plant-based and comes in a bowl, making it practical for anybody and everybody. Whether you’re looking for smoothie bowls, salad bowls, and macro bowls. Not to mention the incredible, drool worthy Cocowhip — a Canadian exclusive. Located in Chinatown, stop in and leave looking as good as you feel.

Budgies Burritos

Photo: Budgies Burritos

Started in 2005, Budgies Burritos has been on the up and coming ever since. A Mexican inspired restaurant, it has a casual vibe to it, with the option of dining in or having it as a to-go. Fully equipped with vegan and gluten-free options, this eatery on Main Street is the perfect stop on a night out.

Try the Jamedog burrito, a classic. It comes with garlic and lime roasted potatoes, chipotle sour cream, rice, beans, cheese (can be substituted for guac), salsa, and your choice of lettuce or cabbage. Yum!


Photo: Urban Presentations

A exercise studio and kitchen rolled into one, TurF is the perfect spot to work off some energy and then recuperate with their healthy, protein packed meals.

They offer a plethora of classes, including strength, yoga, dance, and boxing. Their kitchen is open till 5pm daily, offering up breakfast, brunch, and everything in between. Nothing at TurF is processed in any way, and the majority of the grub is plant-based.

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