Police Arrest 40 People For Breaking Into Downtown Businesses Amid COVID-19

Commercial break-ins Vancouver

Vancouver police have arrested more than 40 people for breaking into downtown businesses, amid the pandemic.

Police said they recently noticed a rise in commercial break-ins, which is when they increased surveillance around downtown. In addition, many businesses boarded up their windows to prevent break-ins.

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“Although overall property crime is down in the city, there was an increase in commercial break and enter incidents once physical distancing measures were put into place,” said Constable Tania Visintin in a press release.

The Vancouver Police Department said they will “continue to put proactive and investigative measures in place.” But they’re asking the public to do their part as well.

Amid the pandemic, police are asking businesses to:

  • Move merchandise out of view or out of retail spaces altogether
  • Use window shutters to minimize visibility
  • Upgrade locks
  • Upgrade lighting so the area around the store is well-lit
  • Check businesses and surveillance footage regularly to ensure everything is fine

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