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As Downtown Businesses Close, Rats Are On The Move To Residential Areas


Photo: HollyGrogan / Flickr

As businesses across downtown Vancouver close, rats are on the move to make a new home. 

According to pest control experts, B.C.’s rodent populations are heading to residential areas, in search of food and water.

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“You have restaurants shut down, you have businesses shut down – less garbage going out to the bins and the rodent population is stressed. So they’ll look to alternative means of getting food and water,” said Bola Fagbamiye, regional manager of Abell Pest Control, to CTV News.

Abell Pest Control said they have seen a 50% increase in rat-related calls across Canada. Fagbamiye also reported that rats and mice have been cohabiting together. He added he hasn’t seen anything like that in his more than 20 years in the business.

This may not sit well, as Vancouver has repeatedly been called one of the rattiest cities in Canada.

So, to avoid attracting pests, experts are advising resident to look for burrows, check gaps under garage doors and look for cracks in foundations.

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