Here’s All 30 Food Vendors You’ll Be Able To Taste At The PNE This Summer

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PNE is returning this Saturday with a great lineup of shows and entertainment, and many are excited for their annual visit.

One of the most memorable part of visiting the fair is of course the food. From eating delicious mini-donuts to corndogs and cotton candy, the experience isn’t quite right without it.

Here’s a look at the delicious food vendors that you’ll definitely want to try at the PNE this summer.


Food Vendors At This Year’s PNE



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Best known for: Classic Canadian pastries and snacks topped with a variety of sweet goodness.

Buen Gusto Tacos & Totchos

Best known for: Fresh tacos and tater tot nachos featuring cheese, carnitas, fresh salsa and chipotle cream

Cheeky Italian Pizza

Best known for: Great pizza selection

Cheese Please

Best known for: Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches

Cin City Mini Donuts


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Best known for: Tower of mini donuts

Coaster Dogs

Best known for: Fair classics like gourmet hot dogs and corn dogs

Foot Long Hot Dogs

Best known for: King Spammy – a footlong hotdog with seared spam, fresh pineapple and cilantro

Freakk Fries


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Best known for: Foot long fries with a variety of toppings

Fry Guys


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Best known for: Huge fries menu: regular fries, cube fries, gravy fries, dessert fries (with cinnamon & sugar), veggie fries, Italian fries, nacho fries, chili & cheese fries and the works


Best known for: Original home of the famous PNE mini donut

Gator BBQ

Best known for: Classic BBQ beef & pork ribs, pulled pork, potatoes, Beans

Gone Fishin’

Best known for: Fresh Ocean Wise hand-dipped battered fish served with fresh cut Kennebec fries

Henry’s Chicken


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Best known for: Tasty BBQ chicken slowly smoked over the traditional open charcoal pit

Hunky Bills


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Best known for: Winnipeg garlic sausage and Ukrainian perogies and cabbage rolls

Jimmy’s Lunch


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Best known for: Hamburgers loaded with fried onion

Lemon Heaven

Best known for: Original, cherry and lime flavoured lemonade, plus diabetic lemonade.

Los Tacos Hermanos

Best known for: Fresh and healthy burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and mexi fries

Next Gen Corn Dogs & Foot Long Hot Dogs

Best known for: Large variety of fair food: corn dogs, burgers, candy apples, kettle corn, etc.

Reel Mac & Cheese


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Best known for: Beauty and the Beef: Classic gourmet macaroni and cheese topped with grilled smoked beef and crispy onions

Pizza Pizza

Best known for: Hot & fresh affordable pizza

Saltspring Noodle Bar

Best known for: Noodles Boxes: teriyaki, pad thai, spicy Malaysian peanut, sweet & spicy, bacon teriyaki, curry gluten free, dairy free and more.

Scoops Ice Cream

Best known for: Great Ice cream on a hot summer day

Shrimp Boat

Best known for: Fried shrimp with a side of wiggle chips in a variety of flavours like Cajun, garlic or even coconut.

Slush Zone

Best known for: Coca Cola slushies.

Steve O’s Homestyle Fried Chicken

Best known for: Hand breaded fried chicken meals. They also have a deep fried treats stand.

Summerland Soft Serve

Best known for: 4 flavours of soft serve ice cream and the famous pineapple whip (which is non-dairy)

Treat Thyself Candy Apples & Floss

Best known for: Classic fair candy apples and cotton candy

Triple O’S

Best known for: Triple O’s Legendary Burger,

Twisted Potato

Best known for: Deep fried potato spiral on a stick topped with delicious flavours

Unroutine Poutine


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Best known for: Variety of delicious poutines

What food are you excited to try eat?


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