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Playland’s New Ride Is A Beast

Playland's New Ride Is A Beast - Things To Do At The Vancouver 2015 PNE

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If you’ve walked past East Hastings street recently, you may have noticed a new green and black addition to Playland’s skyline.

The new addition goes by the name “The Beast” and is set to make its debut on May 15, during Playland’s 2015 season kickoff.

Here’s a description of the Beast on the Playland website:

As wild and dark as its name depicts, this ride will have you screaming with terror from before you even get strapped in. The Beast is the first of its kind to North America, and Canada’s most extreme pendulum ride. With one menacing pendulum arm, you will be swung 120° in either direction, reaching heights of over 125 feet (that’s nearly 12 storeys), all while flying 90 km/hr in a seat that spins you 360°. Sounds as scary as it is, trust us!

Many have had their fingers crossed hoping for Playland would offer a new attraction and add to their collection of thrill rides. We think it’s safe to say The Beast fits the bill. A bonus about the new ride is that it will be featured as one of the 30+ rides included in the Playland PlayPass so you won’t have to pay a premium like you have to do for thrill rides such as the Hellevator or Revelation.

Video of the ride being lifted into place:

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