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Over 1,400 People Died From An Overdose In BC Last Year

Drug Deaths In BC

A new report from the BC Coroners Service highlights how many people died from an overdose in BC last year.

According to the report,1,489 people died by overdose due to a poisoned, unregulated drug supply in 2018.

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“My heart goes out to every family that has lost a loved one to overdose. This crisis truly shows us that people from all walks of life – professionals, people living in poverty, tradespeople and many other sectors – are all affected by addiction” said Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions in a statement.

Darcy goes on to highlight just how serious this issue is.

“By the end of this day, four people will die from an overdose in British Columbia. Most of these people will die alone – with no one beside them, no one to call for help. Each life lost is an unspeakable tragedy”.

There were 112 suspected drug overdose deaths in December 2018. This is an 8% increase
over the number of deaths occurring in December 2017 (104) and a 6% decrease over the
number of deaths occurring in November 2018 (119).

Photo: BC Coroners Service

The report also mentions that Vancouver, Surrey, and Victoria were the three townships that experienced the highest number of illicit drug overdoses in 2018.


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