An Orca Was Spotted Punting A Seal Near Vancouver Island

An Orca Was Spotted Punting A Seal Near Vancouver Island

Operators of a whale watching group shared images of an orca showing off its strength, over the weekend, as it launched a seal into the air near Vancouver Island.

Five Star Whale Watching in Victoria spotted the orcas, Sunday, where it is common for orcas to hunt other marine mammals. But the business pointed out the method used Sunday was unusual.

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“Most of the hunting and the leading up to the kill happens under the surface of the water,” said Alexa Desautels, office manager and naturalist for Five Star Whale Watching to CTV News. “So, the sheer act of punting that seal up is certainly rare.”

Desautels explains there are several reasons why the whale may have been punting the seal. It could have been testing its own strength or showing off its strength to members of its pod. Or it could have been showing younger whales how to hunt.

Other B.C. residents have recently spotted orcas, including a group of kayakers and a long-distance swimmer.

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