You Can Enjoy The Northern Lights From Home Through a Live Stream

Northern Lights

Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t experience the Northern Lights.

Multimedia company Explore is hosting a livestream feed. Here, you can watch the swirling green and purple lights from the comfort of your home.

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Explore is working with Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Manitoba to provide the livestream. 

The camera is set right below the aurora oval, which the website says is “one of the best places on earth to watch the aurora borealis.”

And late winter and early spring is the best time to view the lights, the website adds.

Here, you can also be part of a live chat, so you can interact with others, while watching the phenomenon. It also answers frequently asked questions about the aurora.

If you’re looking to explore other spots from home, check out the Cirque du Soleil shows online or visit Buckingham Palace virtually.

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