Is Vancouver A No Fun City? Locals Complain About Noise From Skookum Festival

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Talk about party-poopers!

While the Skookum Music Festival may have been the talk of the town over the past weekend, not all Vancouverites were thrilled about the occassion.

“West Vancouver municipal hall logged 12 complaints on Sunday about the music coming from Stanley Park, said Donna Powers, spokeswoman for the municipality,” reports the North Shore News.

As such, people are once again discussing whether Vancouver is a “no fun city.”

With that being said, not everyone in Vancouver would have lodged a noise complaint in this situation. For one, this type of festival doesn’t take place all the time. Therefore, many people feel the residents took the matter too far.

“Oh West Van, never change. Maybe next week too many planes will fly over your house or a nearby restaurant will cook too much “smelly” food or someone will go by on a noisy boat, and you’ll forget all about those darn kids making all that noise and ruining the apparent perfection of the rest of your #blessed existence. Love from North Van,” remarked Reddit user superflygrover in a forum.

Further, a number of people cited that most of the music winded down around 11 pm, meaning that this wasn’t an extremely late affair.

No fun City

Of course, the number of people that complained represent a minority of Vancouver’s residents; however, it seems a number of the city’s regulations reflect a less thrilling agenda.

For instance, late-night party lovers won’t find themselves excited about Vancouver’s closing hours. Many of the the bars and clubs shut down far earlier than other cities around the world. Even bars other major Canadian cities, such as Calgary, Montreal and Toronto, stay open far later.

With that in mind, The City of Vancouver announced in May that they are updating the municipal Liquor Policy to include more patio seating, extended hours and having live music go on later at night for the Granville Street Entertainment District.

Many people feel that 24/7 transit would revolutionize Vancouver nightlife. Contrastingly, many bus drivers already fear assaults from riders, and late night traffic may be even worse. In addition, implementing and maintaining these hours will be costly. Indeed, the city would need to have a great deal of extra security on skytrains in the wee hours of the morning.

People have suggested that public drinking on beaches and streets would help eradicate the “no fun city” label; however, anyone currently caught drinking in public in Vancouver can get slapped with a whopping $230 fine. With that being said, others countries, such as Germany and France, allow the practice. What’s more, these nations do not seem to have negative repercussions from doing so.

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