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You Can Get Fined A Whopping $230 For Drinking At The Celebration Of Lights

Celebration Of Lights

Thinking of enjoying a cold one while you soak in the dazzling display at the Honda Celebration Of Lights? 

Think again.

Sipping one alcoholic beverage could land you a hefty $230 fine, so may want to rethink your refreshments. And, if you think you’ll be able to conceal your drink from law enforcement, keep in mind that there are many more police on hand during the event.

Of course, these staggering fines aren’t only applicable to the Honda Celebration of Lights. Indeed, you get slapped with the same soaring penalty if you’re caught sipping on a public beach, too. As a result, you may want to skip the brewskis at the beach, and opt for drinks on a patio instead.

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Celebration of Lights: Drinking Penalties

In addition, police are adept at discovering these drinks; they even smell containers that may contain a disguised alcoholic brew. You can even get fined if you’re caught smoking, too.

You’ll also get fined if you’re caught drinking in a public park. And, you may even get an incredible $10,000 fine for building your own trail in a BC Park. Further, perpetrators may even face jail time of up to 6 months.

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