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Opinion: 24/7 Transit Would Revolutionize Metro Vancouver Nightlife

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There are myriad reasons for wanting 24/7 transit on all forms of transportation in the city. For one, it would lessen the number of cars on the street, and thereby reduce carbon emissions.

Wider availability on transit would allow more people the option to drive home if they’ve been out drinking. In addition, those who feel they have to stay glued to their smartphones could also choose this option. According to ICBC, one in four vehicle related deaths in British Columbia is the result of distracted driving. In response, the government is calling these offences “high risk.” Perpetrators caught twice in a three year period will get slapped with a whopping $2000 fine.

Vancouver Nightlife & 24/7 Transit

While there are a number of fabulous things to do in Vancouver when the sun goes down, many dislike how early clubs and bars close. Indeed, many cities around the world have establishments open all night long, and they have thriving nightlife scenes.

In contrast, many believe that extremely late nightlife is a recipe for disaster. First, it would mean more people partying during more hours of the night, which could lead to more violence and crime.

Second, monitoring this time of activity would be quite costly; however, having bars and clubs closing at different times means that not every inebriated person is getting into the streets at the same time. As a result, this may actually cull some of the late-night madness that seems to envelop the Granville district.

Do you think that Metro Vancouver nightlife would change with 24/7 transit? Do you think that the city should get 24/7 transit? 

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