North Delta Might Get Two More Towering Highrises On Scott Road


Two highrises have been proposed for North Delta on Scott Road. If approved, they will constitute only the second and third skyscrapers in the city.

Proposed by Arzone Real Estate Investments Ltd. and Hari Homes, the City of Delta approved the 35-storey project at 120th and 95A. The building would include residential with commercial space, day care space and townhouse units at the ground level.

The address would be 9553 – 9571 120 Street and the application asks for the permit for a mixed-use development. In addition, there would be underground parking lots.

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The properties at 7551, 7565, 7595 and 7597 120 Street and 7592 119A street to will be consolidated for the project.


Rendering of tower on Scott Road and 75 Ave. Photo: The City of Delta


Rendering of tower on Scott Road and 75 Ave. Photo: The City of Delta

A second proposal was made by Satish Sharma to build a 31-storey building in the 9500 block of Scott Road. Sharma is the developer behind the city’s first highrise. Called the Delta Rise, it’s a 37 storey tower at 80 Avenue and Scott Road. Currently, it’s North Delta’s only ‘skyscraper’, with four floors of office and retail space along with 300 living units on top.

Towering Highrises On Scott Road


Photo: The City of Delta

Of course, these highrises comes with some concerns for the local community.

For example, these towering structures create substantial shadows, making large areas around them dark throughout the day.

In addition, a great deal of room allocated for parking, because the residence plans to have so many units. Moreover, this amount of traffic will create much more congestion than the area would normally contain.

The City of Delta has made the following remarks regarding the concerns:

  • A new access lane to be established off Scott Road at the north end of the development site. This would allow right in/out access from Scott Road in addition to the vehicular access from 119A Street.
  • Access to the underground garage has been reconfigured to accommodate vehicle movements to 119A Street and Scott Road.
  • Two of the ground level townhouse units along 119A Street have been removed to accommodate the new lane noted above.
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