This Neighbourhood In Delta Has The Most Awkward Postal Code Ever


While there are a number of funny licence plates on the road, many of those were chosen by the drivers themselves.

Sometimes, these plates don’t even match the regular configurations at all – they often just say a hilarious word or nickname.

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Then there are neighbourhoods with iconic references, or just unusual spellings incorporated into their designs. Although it takes a degree of creative stretching, it isn’t hard to see the awkwardness embedded therein. Some are straight up hilarious, and others may make you blush.

Then there is this one in Delta: V4G 1N4

Mapped Out: The Awkward Delta Postal Code

Located along the Fraser River, this hilarious postal code even has a funny shape; however, it isn’t filled with comical stores or entertainment venues. Alas, this funny spot has some manufacturing plants and shops selling automatic parts, but nothing to really tickle the funny bone.

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