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Man Sets New Grouse Grind Record In Less Than 24 Hours

Grouse Grind Record

Photo: Grouse Mountain Resort / Facebook

We have a new Grouse Grind record!

On Saturday, June 22nd, 67 participants completed the Grouse Grind 660 times during the mountain’s annual Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge. The fundraiser also helped raise over $48,000 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.


The other big news from the event was that Wilfrid Leblanc set a new record for the trail. He completed the Grind 19 times in an impressive 19 hours.

In addition, Brooke Spence set a new female record for the popular North Vancouver hiking trail. She completed the Grouse Grind 18 times in 19 hours.

Think you can take on Nature’s Stairmaster?


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