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5 Easy Metro Vancouver Hikes If You Hate Hiking

easy metro vancouver hikes

Photo: julisatovar2/Instagram

Summer is coming and it’s time to head out into the great outdoors and soak up all the sun and scenery the season has to offer.

If you despise long grueling hikes to get to your viewing point—then take on some of these easier trails that are less work, but still offer stunning sights.


5 Easy Metro Vancouver Hikes

Lighthouse Park


Bring along your four-legged BFF and enjoy the scenery. This is easily one of the best trails near Vancouver, with lots of photo opportunities along the way. It takes about two hours to complete and there’s up to 6-kms of trails. The park is also home to some of the largest Douglas Fir trees in Greater Vancouver.

Quarry Rock


While this one does start off with a lot of stairs, it does ease up as it goes on. And it’s not a long jaunt considering the view you’ll be met with. Plus, it’s in the quaint area of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, which is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Go for brunch prior or hit up Honey Doughnuts as a reward afterwards.


Lynn Loop


If you’re not a fan of hiking, a loop trail is your best bet. This short but scenic trail might just persuade you to hit the trails more often. This 5.1-km trail is in North Vancouver and takes about an hour and a half to complete. So if you need a forest bathing session where you can go at your own pace and just take in your surroundings—this is it.

Rice Lake


This seriously underrated hike on the North Shore is absolutely beautiful. It’s also super easy, taking only about an hour with 3-kms. The lake is super calming and walking amongst the lush trees seriously can’t be beat.

Teapot Hill


Find this little gem of a trail in the Fraser Valley. It’s an easy trail that takes about two hours to complete with about 5-kms to explore. Those who hate hikes will love this trail because it’s easy and has lots of charming little teapots hidden along the way which add a hint of whimsy and give you an excuse to stop and observe your surroundings more often.


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