New Health Canada Cigarette Packaging Regulations To Kick In Soon

Health Canada New Cigarette Packaging Regulations

If you’re a smoker, expect to see new cigarette packaging when you get your next pack.

New Health Canada regulations that set out to make cigarette packaging plain and ugly officially come into effect next Saturday, November 9th.

New Tobacco Plain Packaging Regulations

The new regulations mean all cigarette packaging will have to follow the same design rules:

  • No logos
  • “Drab brown” base colour
  • Lucida Sans Serif font style, regular weight, regular width, no italics, in gray
  • Minimalist layout
  • Matte finish
  • Smooth surface with no raised features
Health Canada New Cigarette Packaging Regulations

Photo: Canadian Cancer Society

“The measures will also standardize the size and appearance of cigarettes, cigars and other products inside the packages”, according to CTV News.

In 2016, the World Health Organization published an extensive report detailing the benefits of plain packaging on tobacco products.

The general belief is that a more plain package reduces the “glitz and glamour” of smoking.

Beginning in 2021, slide-and-shell packages will also become mandatory. This packaging will carry a larger surface area, which will display large health warnings.

These health warnings are expected to be the largest in the world, on cigarette packaging. After they were first revealed in May 2019, the Canadian Cancer Society deemed them to be the “best tobacco plain packaging regulations in the world.”

These new federal regulations will also outright ban:


  • Slim and super-slim cigarettes, as well as stylish “purse packs” appealing to young women and girls
  • Cigarettes longer than 85 mm, including “glamorous” 100 mm cigarettes


Beginning November 9th, retailers will have 90 days to offload existing inventory.

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