This Secret Lake In BC Looks Like A Tropical Oasis With Jade Waters

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Muncho Lake / BC Beaches

British Columbia possesses some of the most stunning, natural landscapes in the entire world.

With that being said, there are few places as awe-inspiringly beautiful as Muncho lake.

Located in Muncho Lake Provincial Park, the lovely waters are nestled alongside the Alaska Highway as it transits the northernmost Canadian Rockies west of Fort Nelson. Due to its locale, it’s a relatively remote, tranquil destination.

At 7.5 miles long, the lake’s name, Muncho, means ‘big water’ in the local Kaska aboriginal language.

Besides being big, the lake stuns visitors with its jewel-coloured, aquamarine hue. In addition, it is perfectly framed by row upon row of emerald coloured evergreen trees.

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High up above Muncho Lake. Not bad for a roadside rest stop!

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Muncho Lake

Peaceful days …#peacefulness #muncholake #alaskahighway #kayaking

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Here, visitors can find a wide array of wildlife. From wandering herds of Cariboo, to leaping stone sheep, the park is filled with an abundance of animals.

In addition, the lake is the perfect place to enjoy a litany of aquatic activities. Some of the most popular include kayaking, boating, swimming, canoeing, waterskiing and paddleboarding.

Also, many visitors enjoy fishing in the lake. In fact, the waters are home to lake trout, arctic grayling, bull trout and whitefish.

Muncho Lake

Photo: Chris Shervey / Flickr

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