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Multiple Dog Poisonings Reported At Surrey Off-Leash Park

Off-Leash Dog Parks In Metro Vancouver

A public service announcement of sorts by Bosley’s Pet Food Plus Cloverdale has sparked discussion on Facebook over reported dog poisonings at Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park in Surrey.

The post and comments by the store cite customers saying the incident(s) involving Valium have occurred at the small dog side of the park recently. Dog owners responding to the post suspect that the drug/ poison being used is either laced in treats or potatoes:

Wendy McGrath wrote: “I was there when one dog ate it and the owner rushed her dog to the vet and had testing and it was Valium. Our dogs were playing and her dog ate something and then boom he was falling over. So scary! Thankfully he is ok.”

Diane Primeau wrote: “OMG that is my park! Last week we found some very mysterious potatoes obviously put in a digging spot (in the part for small dogs) that the dogs were very attracted to….as tho they had been doused in something that dogs love! Thank you for the warning posting. I will print this and make sure all the owners at this park are aware.”

Last year rat poison left in Vancouver parks made headlines.


Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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