Less Than Half of Residents Are Comfortable With Vancouver Bike Lanes

Construction on new bike lane begins

Despite the city’s reputation with bike lanes, a new study shows less than half of its residents are comfortable with bike lanes in Vancouver.

HUB Cycling and TransLink released the first State of Cycling Report for Metro Vancouver last week. It looks at cycling in the city and assesses it’s quality, quantity and safety of bike lanes.

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“HUB Cycling’s goal for the project is to advance the development of a complete regional cycling network that is accessible and comfortable to people of all ages and abilities” said Jeff Leigh, HUB Cycling’s Vice President.

But within that research, data shows only 46% of bikeways are comfortable for most people.

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond hopes that will change, however, as cycling “becomes safer and more convenient.”

The study looked at a few fun facts about cycling over the last decade, as well. Apparently the city’s bike lanes make up 4,600 km, which has nearly tripled in the past decade.

Vancouver has also seen a rise in female cyclists from 33% to 35% between 2006 and 2016.

And there are less cycling collisions in areas of Vancouver where bike lanes have grown or improved.

So, do you feel comfortable cycling in the city?

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