Vancouver Has Been Ranked Only The 37th Best Cycling City In The World

Best Cycling City In The World

This is a ranking that might surprise many locals. According to Bicycle Cities Index 2019, Vancouver has been ranked only the 37th best cycling city in the world out of 90 cities.

The data for this list was compiled by German insurance company Coya.

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“To delve into the topic further, we decided to investigate which cities around the world are improving their overall cycling conditions, as well as encouraging bicycle-usage as a healthy, sustainable mode of transport” reads their website.

“We then ranked each location’s efforts to determine the best cycling cities, as, after all, we believe that the road to future mobility is on two wheels”.

To conduct the study, they first selected cities from around the world. This includes traditional cycling cities, as well as some lesser-known locations improving their bicycle infrastructure.

Once they picked the cities, they were ranked with the following factors in mind:

  • Weather Score
  • % Bicycle Usage
  • Fatalities / 100,000 Cyclists
  • Accidents / 100,000 Cyclists
  • Bicycle Theft Score
  • Safety Score
  • # Bicycle Shops / 100,000 Cyclists
  • Specialised Roads & Road Quality Score
  • Investment & Infrastructure Quality Score
  • Infrastructure Score
  • # Bicycle Sharing & Rental Stations / 100,000 Score
  • # Shared Bicycles / 100,000 Score
  • Sharing Score
  • No Car Day?
  • Critical Mass Score
  • Events Score

Utrecht in the Netherlands took the top spot on the list, while Montreal was the only other Canadian city on the list coming on at #18.

To see the full ranking, click here.

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