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The Minimum Wage In BC Is Going Up June 1

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Tomorrow, June 1st, the minimum wage in BC will see an increase.

The province’s minimum wage will go up from $12.65 an hour to $13.85 an hour. This will signal a $1.20 raise for workers.


Likewise, wage rates for liquor servers, resident caretakers and live-in camp leaders will all also increase, effective June 1st, 2019.

Minimum Wage In BC

Effective June 1:

  • General minimum wage will increase 9.5% to $13.85 per hour, an increase of $1.20 per hour.
  • Liquor server minimum wage will increase 11.4% to $12.70 per hour, an increase of $1.30 per hour.
  • Resident caretaker minimum wage, per month, will increase 9.5% to $831.45 for those who manage nine to 60 units (+ $33.32/unit), or $2,832.11 for 61 or more units.
  • Live-in camp leader minimum wage, per day, will increase 9.5% to $110.87.

These wage increases are the second of four annual increases that will take place on June 1st of each year. Last year, the general minimum wage increased from $11.35.

These annual wage increases are a part of the government’s goal of establishing a minimum wage of at least $15 per hour.


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