10 Parks Around Metro Vancouver For a Lovely Social Distancing Friendly Picnic

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metro vancouver parks picnic

Summer is on its way and the best way to soak up the sun is a picnic in the park (social distancing friendly of course).

There’s a plethora of serene parks across Metro Vancouver, including some newly reopened provincial parks.

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Best Metro Vancouver parks to have a picnic

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Locals can finally return to Golden Ears for a fun afternoon out and about in the great outdoors. Hit the trails and then set up a picnic to cap off the perfect day.

Stanley Park

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Pack a picnic and head to Vancouver’s largest park for a lovely afternoon taking in the views at either Prospect Point, Lost Lagoon or Third Beach.

Jericho Beach Park

Enjoy the sun and sand with a picnic at the beach at Jericho or Spanish Banks. Keep your distance from other groups and take in all the scenic views the park has to offer.

Panorama Park

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North Vancouver’s quaint neighbourhood of Deep Cove is an idyllic getaway from the city. Bring your favourite snacks and lay out a blanket at Panorama Park, nestled right along the waterfront.

Garry Point Park

It’s one of Richmond’s most popular and scenic parks. Go for a leisurely stroll before eventually settling on a nice spot to have a picnic along the Fraser River.

Central Park

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This is easily one of the best spots to have a picnic at in Burnaby. Enjoy the lush greenery while digging into a delicious meal with your loved ones.

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Everyone knows that a lake day is the best day. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park has reopened to the public much to the delight of picnic-goers in the Chilliwack area.

Cultus Lake Provincial Park

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One of Metro Vancouver’s most popular parks has also reopened. Head to Cultus Lake for a much-deserved picnic along the water.

E.C. Manning Provincial Park

Another Metro Vancouver favourite and it’s easy to see why. This stunning park has reopened for day use and it’s an awesome spot to spend the day with friends.

Sunset Beach Park

Claim a grassy area at Sunset Beach Park—the perfect place to spend the day or catch the sunset while socially distancing with a close group of friends.

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