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Metro Vancouver Braces For King Tide To Hit Shores Starting Today

King Tide

Photo: planted city / 604 Now Flickr Pool

Metro Vancouver is bracing for some very high waters over the next few days.

A phenomenon known as a “king tide” is set to hit the lower mainland and bring with it elevations as high as five metres. These elevations raise the sea level over one metre higher than regular tides do.

Indeed, king tides are extreme high tides that happen twice a year when the sun and moon’s gravitation forces reinforce one another. After the supermoon on New Years Day, it comes as little surprise that the tides were affected. In addition, these events help scientists visualize what normal sea levels may look like in the future due to climate change.


King Tide Schedule

The City of Vancouver notes that the tides will reach their highest points on the following dates at the these times:

  • January 3 at 7:23am
  • January 4 at 8:06am
  • January 5 at 8:48am
  • January 6 at 9:29am
  • January 7 at 10:10am

The city is preparing for the sea level to rise by one metre by 2100. Indeed, scientists predict a great deal of Metro Vancouver will be underwater within many of our lifetime.

King Tide
Photo: City of Vancouver

In addition, the city encourages citizens to photograph the occurrence in order to help them track sea level rise and improve our understanding of the changing shoreline.

If you’re near the shore, please take a picture & post it to: http://vancouver.ca/kingtides

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