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What a Sight: Metro Vancouver Gas Prices Hit 121.9 Cents a Litre Last Night

Vancouver gas prices

Photo: Hamed Amiri / 604 Now

It was just last week that Metro Vancouver gas prices hit a low of 125.9 cents a litre. On Wednesday night, gas prices dropped even more to 121.9 cents a litre in Richmond.

What makes this harder to believe is that gas prices in the Lower Mainland were 171.9 cents a litre just last month – a difference of 50 cents a litre!


Vancouver Gas Prices

Back in April, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation started an online petition to scrap the BC Carbon Tax.

“The price of gasoline in B.C. is high because the B.C. government keeps increasing taxes on gasoline and diesel and fighting pipeline expansions” reads the petition.

On April 1st, a price hike for the provincial carbon tax took effect. As a result, this adds a 1.14 cents a litre increase for British Columbians when they fill up their vehicles. What this means is that the carbon tax has increased from $35 per tonne of Co2 to $40 per tonne. In 2018, the first of four annual carbon tax increases took place.

If you were to go on GasBuddy.com right now, a quick search would show that the cheapest gas price in Vancouver as of Thursday morning is 123.9 cents a litre.


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