Get Acquainted With Metascope; A Vancouver Software Company

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Metascope Software Inc

Whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise, Metascope offers services to suit whatever business needs you may have.

The product development company offers assistance with digital marketing, search engine optimization, web design, web development and mobile/web apps.

The company describes itself as being a one-stop shop for all online services related to software development. They have a dedicated team of marketing specialists, developers, consultants and designers that work to deliver your needs on time and on budget.

With offices located in both Vancouver and overseas, Metascope separates itself from others by being available around the clock – a plus for brands requiring dedicated support or being on a tight timeline.

As mentioned on their website, “Metascope works closely with you every step of the way to help turn your ideas into the next great application. Some of our clients include global leaders such as TATA GLOBAL.”

Metascope Software Inc

Here’s a breakdown of the products and services Metascope provides:

Digital Marketing/Search Engine Optimization

Their commerce team is ready to assist with all your needs by helping to promote, build and maintain your website. This will ensure your business is successful and will achieve your sale goals.

Web Design & Development

Improve the way your website looks and functions with Metascope. Performance optimization and page-load speed are just some of the services being offered.

Mobile & Web Apps

They specialize in Android, IOs and Apple Watch OS operating systems to help build apps from the ground up.

In addition, they offer customized support services which include: customized staff training, 24-hour support service, IT resources and one-on-one in-person training.

Their dashboard tracker business process software assists with employee resource planning, finance management tools, mobile & secure cloud and putting a customer management system in place.

For more information on Metascope and the services they offer, visit their website.

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