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McDonald’s Has Released A Clothing Line And We’re Not Lovin’ It

McDonald's Clothing Line

Photos: Drake General Store

After entering the donut market, McDonald’s is continuing to move into new territory, now with the release of a clothing line.

The McDonald’s-themed clothing line is a partnership with Toronto’s Drake General Store.

This new clothing line comes as part of the fast-food company’s third annual McDelivery celebration. To encourage you to spend a night in, and order McDelivery of course, McDonald’s new clothing line is mostly lounge-wear.

100% of the proceeds go towards Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada. We’re lovin’ that.

But there’s also some aspects of this that we’re not lovin’. However, before we get to that, here’s a look at the merch.

McDonald’s Clothing Line

There’s a short-sleeve hoodie, as well as fries-earbuds.

McDonald's Clothing Line
Photos: Drake General Store

And burgers and fries fleece shorts, and play cards.

McDonald's Clothing Line
Photos: Drake General Store

As well as a hooded blanket and sleep-sack.

McDonald's Clothing Line
Photos: Drake General Store

We’ll be honest. They actually look fairly nice, assuming you’re a fan of McDonald’s and don’t mind being a walking advertisement for them.

And that’s what we’re not lovin’.

Companies are taking branding too far. KFC ran a marketing campaign to try to get parents to name their newborn children after Colonel Sanders.

Call us crazy, but that’s too far. This clothing line isn’t quite on that dystopian level, but it’s in the same region.

And let’s talk about the money in all of this. Some of these are not cheap! That hooded blanket that’s supposed to look like a McNugget costs $75! So does that sleep sack!

It’s great that it’s for charity, but McDonald’s should be paying us to wear this brand-building clothing line.

If they wanted to promote McDelivery or their charities, there are ways to do that without trying to turn customers into walking advertisements! (Their current #NationalCheeseburgerDay promotion is pretty good.)

So…Yeah. McDonald’s has a clothing line, now. They now sell donuts, too. They’re inevitably going to move into the faux-meat market. And they’ve already changed some of their classic burgers.

They better not change their fries, though. We’re always lovin’ those.

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