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McDonald’s Might Be On The Verge of Joining The Fake-Meat Craze

McDonald's Beyond Meat

Photo: Andrea Leopardi

There’s good reason to believe that McDonald’s is on the verge of joining in on the plant-based meat alternative craze.

For starters, a bunch of Ronald McDonald’s competitors have already partnered with either Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods, the two major meat-alternative companies.

The Faux-Meat Craze

For those keeping score, here are some of the fast-food chains that have partnered with Beyond Meat: Subway, KFC, Tim Hortons, A&W, Del Taco, Carl’s Jr., and TGI Friday’s.

Similarly, those who have partnered with Impossible Foods include: Burger King, Red Robin, Little Caesar’s, White Castle, and the Cheesecake Factory.

Notice that those lists cover most of the biggest fast-food chains in the world. Notice that McDonald’s, the second-largest fast-food chain in the world (Subway is #1), is not on either list.

The jury is still out on whether or not plant-based meat-alternatives carry real health benefits, but the craze for them is undeniable.

McDonald's Beyond Meat
Photos: Beyond Meat / Impossible Foods

Both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are doing well, with each announcing new partnerships seemingly every month. (Just how well Impossible Foods is doing is unknown due to it being a privately-held company.)


The giant looming over the industry, however, is Ronald McDonald.

Business Insider believes that Beyond Meat’s stock could jump 30% if they’re able to secure McDonald’s as a partner. You can bet that Impossible Foods is interested, too, if not for the boost, then for the strategic play of blocking Beyond Meat.

So when it comes to the faux-meat craze, the golden arches are the golden prize. However, don’t expect that to be the case for much longer.

[Update: September 26, 2019]

McDonald’s Canada has announced that it’s introducing a limited-time Beyond Meat PLT in Southwestern Ontario.

McDonald's Beyond Meat PLT
Photo: McDonald’s Canada

As expected, Beyond Meat’s stock shares saw an immediately 10% surge, despite the deal’s small scale. If the PLT is well received, there’s no reason to doubt that it will be introduced to the rest of Canada, as well as the U.S..

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