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Joining In On The Craze, Subway Goes Beyond Meat

Subway Beyond Meat

Photo: Subway Restaurants

Subway is joining in on the Beyond Meat craze.

Beginning this September, 685 Subway locations across Canada and the United States will be adding a Beyond Meat option to their menus.

The new addition, the Beyond Meatball Marinara, will be available for a limited time only.


The Beyond Meat Craze

This news comes at an interesting time.

Several big-name food chains, like Tim Hortons in Canada, have introduced Beyond Meat options of their own. Others, such as Burger King in the United States, have added Impossible burgers, a similar product made by a Beyond Meat-rival.

Beyond Meat, and products of its kind, are what’s referred to as “plant-based meat alternatives.”

These meat alternatives not only benefit those on no-meat diets, but also bring forth several big-picture benefits. Questionable treatment of animals, human anti-biotics resistance as a result of feeding animals anti-biotics, and greenhouse gases produced by factories, are all minimized by producing plant-based meat.


The jury is still out, however, on just how healthy these plant-based meat alternatives are.

“Plant-based” does not automatically mean “healthy.”

“French fries are plant-based”, Abby Langer, a dietician, points out to the National Post.

“The Beyond Meat burger is technically a processed food. We know that diets higher in processed foods are linked to the development of disease”, Amanda Lapidus, another dietitian, notes.

As of now, it looks like the Beyond Meat and plant-based meat alternatives craze is still peaking and won’t be dying any time soon.

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