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McDonald’s Ad Sparks Controversy From Local Museums

The newest McDonald’s advertisement promoting their $5 McPick meal deals have hit some nerves regarding local B.C museums.

The 15 second advertisement insinuates that it’s not worth spending five dollars at a museum when you could get a value meal instead for the same price. “There were dinosaurs, and then there weren’t. Okay then, exit through the gift shop! Or, you could get a McDonald’s McPick’s meal.”

A lot of national museums around Canada have dinosaur exhibits, especially the Exploration Place museum in Prince George, which made the ad feel like a personal attack.

Photo: Wichita Area Events


The Campaign

The tone that came off of the ad made it seem like visitors had an either or choice ahead of them: either go to a museum and soak up some knowledge, or spend your money on a $5 dollar value meal.

Several museum members have spoken up about the ad, including CEO Tracy Calogheros of the Exploration Place. Calogheros has reached out to McDonald’s and has since sent out a press release regarding her thoughts on the ad.

“We’re in a world where it’s all about fake news, and checking your sources, having credibility..and then to have a multinational corporation release what in my mind is a thoughtless ad campaign.”

Since then, McDonald’s has sincerely apologized and pulled the ad off of the air.


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