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Man Wins Lottery and Says His First Purchase Will Be a $16,000 Fridge

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A Nanaimo man just won a million dollar lottery and he’s dreaming big for his future purchases.

Curtis Wright recently had all the right numbers for Lotto 6/49’s Feb. 15 draw. And while many use their winnings to splurge on a luxury car or a dream vacation, Wright is going to buy a luxury fridge.

“I have it all picked out, it’s a $16,000 fridge that I’ve wanted for a while,” Wright said in the release.

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Wright said he plays the lottery at least once a month and bought the winning ticket from an Esso convenience store.

“I saw the ad for the Super Draw with the ‘OMG’ campaign on Saturday, a half hour before the draw,” Wright said. “I went out and bought the ticket about ten or 15 minutes before the draw.”

Wright will have plenty left over to fill up the fridge, but instead he’s going to put the rest into savings, he said.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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