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‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Wins Trip To Prince George, Sparking Jokes & Apologies

Price Is Right Contestant Prince George Trip

Photo: @PriceIsRight / Twitter

“Winning a trip to Prince George on The Price Is Right is like winning the lottery but the grand prize is $2.50.”

Canadians are stereotyped for being quick to apologize, and Prince George residents are leaning into it.

Residents of the British Columbia city are apologizing to a man named Stephen Witka after he suffered the unfortunate fate of making it onto The Price Is Right, winning a trip, only to learn that the trip’s destination is Prince George.

“Someone on Price Is Right just won a trip to Prince George. Times must be lean. There is no punchline. This actually just happened”, said a Facebook commenter.

Witka, from California, appeared on the popular game show back in November. According to CBC News, he walked away with a six-night stay for two at the Treasure Cove Hotel, a $500 credit for Grand Trunk Tavern, as well as a limousine tour of Prince George.

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Adding insult to perceived-injury is the fact that when Witka learned of his prize on the show, a picture of Lake Louise was shown. Lake Louise, as you may know, is not in Prince George.

To make up for that, Witka will in fact be able to see Lake Louise, which is 600 kilometres away from Prince George, courtesy of a free helicopter tour.


Mr. Witka appeared excited when he learned that he had won, but there’s no word on where his enthusiasm stands now.

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