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Lyft Reveals Pricing Structure & Base Fees For Metro Vancouver

Lyft Pricing Fees Metro Vancouver Rides

Photo: Austin Distel / Unsplash

Lyft isn’t quite here in Metro Vancouver yet, but we now know what pricing for rides will look like once it arrives.

That pricing comes after the ride-hailing company revealed its pricing structure and base fees for rides in Metro Vancouver.

Every ride will start off at $5, which includes a $2.50 base fee as well as a $2.50 service fee. Then, it’s $0.65 for every kilometre and $0.33 every minute.

  • Base: $2.50
  • Service fee: $2.50
  • Cost per km: $0.65
  • Cost per minute: $0.33

That means that every ride will be at the very least $6.

“Lyft is sharing its rider pricing so Metro Vancouverites can get a better understanding of what they can expect when service begins”, Lyft told Business in Vancouver.

Furthermore, Lyft also said that “applicable regulatory fees may be added to these rates”, which is likely referring to the pick-up and drop-off fee approved in October.

Those fees, each $0.30, will be exclusive to rides between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm in the “Metro Core” region, (east of Burrard Street; west of Clark Drive; north of 16th Ave.) and will serve as a counter-balance to a potential increase in traffic congestion.

There is no word yet on when Lyft will be launching its services.

The same goes for Uber, who saw itself become the villain after its contentious AB5 battle. Earlier this month, the company also released a safety report it conducted on itself that detailed the number of sexual assaults, murders, and fatal crashes during rides.

Both companies were informed of a possible delay, but both have remained confident that they’ll be launching before 2020.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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