Uber, Lyft, and Ride-Hailing In Metro Vancouver Is Expected To Be Delayed

Uber Lyft Vancouver Delay

If you’re excited about the arrival of Uber and Lyft in Vancouver, we have some bad news.

In a letter to ride-hailing companies, the Passenger Transportation Board told the likes of Uber and Lyft to expect delays in their applications.

The hold-up in the process is the result of a pending judicial review over ride-hailing regulations.

The review was sparked by the Vancouver Taxi Association in early September, in conjunction with the BC Taxi Association.

Those who have taken a stand against ride-hailing, such as the Mayor of Surrey, continue to argue that ride-hailing regulations are unfair. Their primary concern is with the lack of a cap on fleet sizes, which exists for the taxi industry.

In addition, according to the Vancouver Sun, “the letter indicated the review process would be delayed by 21 days.”

When Lyft, and then Uber, first announced their operations to Metro Vancouver this summer, it was expected that their operations would begin by this holiday season. With this delay, that timeline looks increasingly unlikely.

Stay tuned for more details.

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