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Local Artist Launches YouTube Series To Openly Discuss Mental Wellness

Stef Lang

Stef Lang is a small town girl from Ladysmith, BC who made her mark on Vancouver’s music scene and is now based out of New York City as a recording artist, songwriter and producer.

As someone with a platform to communicate, she was inspired to speak about something she was passionate about and start a new Mental Wellness series on her YouTube channel.

The short video posts are less Public Service Announcement-oriented and offer a more casual approach in order to create a more open dialogue. The series includes tips and tools by discussing topics on well-being, mental health and overall wellness. As someone who has seen many people struggle with mental illness and by opening up about her own struggles, Stef hopes to spark conversation and awareness.

The first episode discusses “The Power of Check-In” and how she has used the exercise herself in daily life.

Email questions & topic suggestions to: [email protected]

Written by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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