Local Artist Lights Forced To Take Down Drake Covers

lights drake covers

Music artists Lights and Drake share a few things in common: they’re both 31-years-old, they’re both Canadian and they both love music.

Lights, the Ontario-born and BC-based electropop icon paid tribute to Toronto’s Drizzy by covering Side B of his Scorpion album and sharing it with the world. She first dropped the unannounced project to her Sound Cloud on July 9, a couple of month’s after Drake’s album release of June 29.

The acoustic rendition of Scorpion – Side B was a pleasant surprise to Lights fans. The artist described it as “melodic and emotional and full of bad words, everything I’d hoped for”.

The tracks were made available on streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify late last week. But by August 14 she announced they were being taken down due to the “higher ups”. The 13 songs covered include “In My Feelings” and “Nice For What”.

It’s not the first time Lights has covered a Drake song having done “Hotline Bling” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home” before.

While the artist described going through the right channels and following legal procedures, it proved not enough to keep the music alive.

She previously talked to Billboard in depth about her admiration for Drake’s “vocal pocket”, her inspiration for covering a Drizzy album and the hard work that went into producing the project.

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