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You’ll Be Able To Legally Drink Booze In Port Coquitlam Parks This Summer

Port Coquitlam public drinking

Photo: Helena Lopes / Pexels

Joining other cities around Vancouver, Port Coquitlam is now legalizing drinking at parks.

The city is launching a pilot project, June 23rd, where people will be able to enjoy a drink at seven chosen parks.

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“While this adds to the experience at some of our parks, it is a pilot and we’ll be watching to make sure the parks are comfortable for everyone,” said councillor Steve Darling in a press release.


The project means people will be able to enjoy beer, wine and spirits within designated areas and hours.

RCMP, parks staff and bylaw officers will monitor the Port Coquitlam parks and respond to any complaints.

When the pilot begins, you’ll be able to drink at the following parks:

  • Castle
  • Settlers
  • Gates
  • Lions
  • Aggie
  • Evergreen 
  • Cedar Drive

The rules of course apply to anyone over the legal drinking age and will stay in place until October 31st.

The City of North Vancouver recently legalized drinking in certain areas. White Rock is also looking at legalizing public drinking.

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