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Largest Route Change In TransLink’s History Launches Monday


Calling all commuters!

Following the launch of the Evergreen extension—Translink will now be rolling out a route change that will help better connect people to the new SkyTrain in the Tri-Cities.

The service changes will begin on Monday, Dec. 19th and will include the following:

  • With the addition of six new SkyTrain stations and 11km of track, this region will have a new transit choice that offers faster, more frequent and direct service between Coquitlam and Vancouver.
  • The Evergreen Extension gives us the opportunity to redesign the bus network. Twenty-two bus routes in the Tri-Cities will change, including the 160.
  • Select trips on the 701 will extend to Mission and TrainBus service will end. The 701 schedule has similar arrivals and departures from Mission as the TrainBus.
  • Adjusting routes serving schools and post-secondary institutions to better reflect reduced ridership during a two-week special holiday schedule.
  • Implementing recommendations from the 2015 Transit Network Review to the 5, 6, and C23 services and a new B-Line connecting Hastings with downtown Vancouver.
  • Christmas and Boxing Day will run on a modified Sunday/holiday service schedule.

TransLink encourages customers to plan ahead if their regular route will be affected by the changes.

Specific route changes include:

West End and Downtown Vancouver – 5/6/C21/C23

  • Newly installed overhead trolley lines along Cambie Street extend the 5 and 6.
  • The 6 Davie/Downtown extends along Davie Street to provide better connections to Yaletown, Canada Line and Cambie Street.
  • Travelling to the Expo Line? You can transfer from the 5 at Burrard Station or from the 5 and 6 at Cambie and Dunsmuir, a block away from Stadium–Chinatown Station.
  • The C21 and C23 discontinues and the routes merge into the new 23 Main Street Station/Yaletown/Beach route serving Beach Avenue, Yaletown–Roundhouse Station, Stadium–Chinatown Station and Main Street–Science World Station.

Central Tri-Cities – 97 B-Line/160/190/C24/N9

  • The 97 B-Line and the 190 Vancouver/Coquitlam Station will no longer operate.
  • The 160 Port Coquitlam Station/Kootenay Loop will serve local stops via Guildford Way and end at Kootenay Loop.
  • For service on Hastings Street, transfer to the 95 B-Line at Kootenay Loop.
  • The C24 is now called the 180 Moody Centre Station/Lougheed Station and will operate with a larger 40-foot bus and 15-minute frequency during peak periods.
  • Most of the existing 97 B-Line stops will be served by the new Evergreen Extension.
  • For local bus stops not served by SkyTrain, take the 160 or 180.
  • Extended late night service on the N9 between Lougheed and Coquitlam Central stations creates 24-hour service along the Millennium Line corridor.

135 SFU/Burrard Station/160 Port Coquitlam Station/Kootenay Loop

  • Starting December 19, the 135 is discontinued.
  • The 95 B-Line provides a more reliable and direct service with limited stops along Hastings Street. For local stops, take the 14, 144, or 160.
  • The 95 B-Line will stop at: Burrard Station, Granville Street (Waterfront Station), Cambie Street/Abbott Street, Main Street, Commercial Drive, Nanaimo Street, Renfrew Street, Kootenay Loop, Gilmore Avenue, Willingdon Avenue, Hythe Avenue, Holdom Avenue, Kensington Avenue, Duthie Avenue, and SFU Transportation Centre.
  • The 160 Port Coquitlam Station/Kootenay Loop will end at Kootenay Loop as the Evergreen Extension will provide a faster, more frequent and more reliable connection to Downtown Vancouver.

Southwest Coquitlam – 143/151/153/157

  • 143 Burquitlam Station/SFU connects SFU and Burquitlam Station with a high-capacity, all-day service to SFU. The 143 will no longer serve Como Lake Avenue.
  • 151 Coquitlam Central Station/Burquitlam Station runs seven days a week between Coquitlam Central Station and Burquitlam Station along Como Lake Avenue.
  • 153 Braid Station/Coquitlam Central Station extends from Poirier Community Centre to Coquitlam Central Station via Mariner Way.
  • 157 Lougheed Station/Burquitlam Station extends from Poirier Community Centre to Burquitlam Station via Foster Avenue and Cottonwood Avenue.

Northeast Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam – 159/188/C37/C38/C40

  • Introducing new bus service to Dominion Triangle to provide direct connections to the new Evergreen Extension.
  • Community Shuttle buses across the Tri-Cities are being renamed.

169 Braid Station/Coquitlam Central Station

  • Customers who travel between Coquitlam Central and Braid stations can use the Evergreen Extension.
  • To accommodate new building construction on Holly Drive and on Orchid Drive, the 169 will continue on a detour routing southbound until late 2019.
  • The 169 reroutes all northbound and southbound trips via Riverview Hospital grounds via Holly Drive, with service operating every 30 minutes.

Port Moody and North Coquitlam – 178/C25/C26/C27/C28/C29/C30

  • Community Shuttle buses across the Tri-Cities are being renamed.

Anmore and Belcarra – C26

  • The 182 Moody Centre Station/Buntzen Lake (previously the C26) provides all-day service through Heritage Mountain via Ravine Drive.
  • Two new trips per day are added to improve connections to other services.

NEW – 191 Coquitlam Central Station/Princeton

  • Introducing new service to Burke Mountain!
  • The new 191 will provide service to the Burke Mountain neighbourhood, connecting residents to the Evergreen Extension and West Coast Express.
  • Service will be provided every 30 minutes from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays and operates seven days per week, with slightly later start times on the weekend.

595 Langley Centre/Maple Meadows Station

  • The 595 will now service all local stops.
  • Two new stops on the 595 Maple Meadows (57028 and 57048)
  • Two new stops on the 595 Langley Centre (61487 and 57026)

West Coast Express TrainBus – 701

  • On December 19, the 701 will extend to Mission, and then after December 30, 2016 West Coast Express TrainBus will be discontinued. Jan 3 will be the first in-service day without TrainBus. With the introduction of the Evergreen Extension, most TrainBus customers will have more travel options using SkyTrain and the 701.
  • The 701 will not stop at Port Coquitlam Station or Port Haney Station.
  • Travelling to Port Coquitlam Station? Take the 159 from Braid Station or the 160 from Coquitlam Central Station.
  • Travelling to Port Haney Station? Take the C43, C45, C46, C47 or C48.
  • Travelling to Mission? Take the 701 Coquitlam Central Station/Mission City Station. Customers will have access to select 701 trips that are now extended from Haney Place to Mission.
  • The 701 schedule has the same arrivals and departures from Mission as the TrainBus.

For more information on the route changes and to plan your trip, visit Translink’s website.

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