This Christmas Dessert Looks Almost Too Good To Eat

La Glace

Tis’ the season for all the sweets. Even though the weather outside is frightful—ice cream is so delightful. And La Glace has created an ice cream cake that is perfect for your holiday party.

Designed to resemble a yule log, the Buche De Noel ice cream cake at this shop tastes just as good as it looks.

The traditional seasonal dessert is popular in a lot of European countries but this joint does it justice. It’s typically made using sponge cake to resemble an actual yule log and then has decadent layers of buttercream throughout.

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But the ice cream version is even better. The festive cake comes in two delicious flavours, including: Mont Blanc and Candy Cane.

Mont Blanc includes chestnut & rum ice cream rolled in vanilla chiffon & coated in toasted vanilla meringue. Candy Cane has peppermint ice cream rolled in vanilla chiffon & coated in toasted mint meringue. Each cake serves 12 generous portions.

La Glace

Where: 2785 W 16th Ave, Vancouver

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