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You Can Expect to See Kevin Smith AKA Silent Bob Around Vancouver A lot More Often

Silent Bob aka Kevin Smith will be in Vancouver

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If you think you’ve seen Kevin Smith (a.k.a Silent Bob) wandering around Vancouver, you’re probably not mistaken.

The actor and director was recently named creative ambassador for the Vancouver Film School (VFS) for 2020. That means he’ll be making several appearances around the school and will help set up a new scholarship.

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Smith said VFS played a vital role in creating the 1994 film, Clerks.

He had studied at the post-secondary school, but dropped out four months into the eight month program. That’s where he met Scott Mosier and Dave Klein, who helped created Clerks.

“In the hallowed halls of VFS, I … met other like-minded dreamers who would go on to help me tell my stories for the rest of my life,” Smith said in a statement.

While Smith had previously said the school wasn’t hands-on enough, he now credits VFS for teaching him the basics of filmmaking.

He had also said dropping out of school was a matter of getting his tuition back, so he could make Clerks happen.


As creative ambassador, Smith will make appearances on campus and host a “Storyteller’s Studio AMA (ask me anything)” event.

Smith is best-known for creating the Clerks movies and his role in it, as Silent Bob.

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