Vancouver’s Jollibee Location Teases Us Again With This Storefront Change

jollibee vancouver

Those awaiting the opening of Jollibee in Vancouver are in for another teaser.

Located in downtown, on Granville Street, the storefront has gotten a bit of a makeover this month.

A large and colourful mural with the Jollibee character now covers the store-to-be. One can speculate if this signifies it opening soon or if it’s just entertaining the masses in the meantime. Either way, it is worth checking out.


The painting was created by local artist Chris Perez on behalf of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association. He created a detailed and branded piece right at the anticipated Jollibee location in early September.


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The artwork covers the store front location of where the restaurant is supposed to open. It may have been created to keep some lovers of this Filipino Fast Food Chain engaged as they patiently await its opening.

This location will mark the first Jollibee in Vancouver, but has been in the works for over a year.


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Construction Spotted

Although the opening date has still yet to be announced, fans of Jollibee have been keeping tabs on its progress.

In August, some construction work at the location has been spotted, showing that work is definitely happening here. However, it appears to be in the early stages.

Photo: GUTOM / YouTube

jollibee vancouver

Photo: GUTOM / YouTube 

Where Vancouver’s Jollibee looks like it’s making some progress, this actually isn’t the only location in B.C. in the works

There is also supposed to be a location opening up at Strawberry Hill in Surrey. However, this location hasn’t started construction and still remains an empty plot of land.

Fans will have to wait a bit longer to get a taste of that delicious fried chicken, but in the meantime, it’s nice to check out the art.


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