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Joffre Lakes Now Requires Reservations To Camp On Their Site

Joffre Lakes

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Joffre Lakes, one of BC’s most popular outdoor destinations, is changing camping rules on their site ahead of the busy summer season.

Starting April 2nd, 2019, reservations will be required for all overnight stays from June 1st, 2019 and year-round thereafter at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Visitors can also reserve 24 vehicle-accessible campsites at Tweedsmuir South.


Located past Whistler near Pemberton, there are three lakes in total on this enchanting hike: upper, middle, and lower. Each of the lakes offers a pristine view of turquoise, glacier fed water surrounded by soaring mountain ranges and an endless sea of trees.

The colour of the water is stunning without an Instagram filter, and is therefore a popular place to snap photos.

Just last year, it was announced that domestic animals of any kind will no longer be permitted to enter the Provincial Park. The rise in visitation, both human and canine, was having negative effects on the local ecosystem. According to BC Parks, even sounds or scents of dogs can cause birds and other animals like pikas to look for different habitat.

Camping has always been allowed at the Upper Joffre Lake campground, but now you must reserve one of the the 26 backcountry tent pads.

Reservations can be made up to 4 months in advance of your arrival date via the Discover Camping Reservation Service.


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