Cannabis Rights Activist Jodie Emery Slammed For Smoking Pot On BC Ferries

Jodie Emery

High at sea? Maybe that’s not a good idea. On Sunday evening, cannabis rights activist Jodie Emery shared a photo of her aboard a BC Ferries vessel on Instagram.


What caught people’s attention, though, was that she was smoking a joint, when BC Ferries offers a “smoke-free environment onboard all vessels”.

“Smoke on the water… high on the high seas! It’s a west coast tradition out here in B.C.” reads the caption.

Jodie Emery also shared the picture on Twitter and the responses she got were mixed.

One person replied to her tweet and asked “Aren’t @BCFerries smoke free?” The next day, BC Ferries responded saying “Hi there, we offer a smoke-free environment onboard all vessels and at all terminals. If you see someone smoking onboard, please speak with a crew member for the most immediate assistance”.

Others also voiced their displeasure with her deciding to light one up aboard a BC Ferries vessel.

However, some people did support Emery’s decision.

In January 2018, BC Ferries officially prohibited commuters from smoking on the outdoor decks of BC Ferries or at any of their terminals. This ban includes tobacco, marijuana, and vapes.

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